What is a Performance Marketing Agency and Why You Desperately Need One

Ryder Meehan
October 14, 2019
performance marketing agency

In this uncertain year, one thing remains certain: performance marketing has become more important than ever.

As customer preferences, technology, and marketing techniques all get increasingly more sophisticated, performance marketing is where your business can get a measurement of ROI in real-time.

While branding and design agency partners will always be important, the need for this new type of specialized performance marketing agency will drive online growth for brands both in the near and long term.

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is a comprehensive term that refers to online marketing and advertising programs focused on and driven by a specific action. This can be anything from a sale to a lead to a click or anything else in between, which ultimately results in a call to action, or CTA. While some performing marketing agencies charge a commission or referral fee for each lead, some (like Upgrow) charge on a traditional percent of media spend model but still focus on the conversion objective.

If a digital marketing channel has an attributable conversion event, then we consider this to be performance marketing. It can include search engine marketing or Google Ads, affiliate networks, social media marketing, SEO, paid content marketing ads, and other types of paid-for-performance online marketing channels.

Performance Marketing Channels

Results of Google's search results
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70% of social marketer' top goals for social media is to increase brand awareness
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What is SEO?
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Why is Performance Marketing Important?

Analytics and attribution are increasingly more available for sophisticated brands across industries and sectors. Subsequently, getting a solid ROI for both marketing budgets and their corresponding channels is increasingly important.

Therefore, having an agency that specializes in delivering results is a must. It’s a must because through the successful usage of analytics, attribution and channels, brand marketing managers can both report real results in real time as well as take credit for the traffic and sales they drive.

E-commerce and B2B brands alike benefit from these channels, whether they're converting sales or trying to build a prospect list by way of an email marketing lead capture form. Through this method, running at a cost-per-lead or ROI goals make the program more efficient and more scalable.  

How well does it work? See some of our case studies for examples of how we’ve achieved client success in driving customer acquisition.

What to Look for a Performance Marketing Agency

When seeking a performance marketing agency to partner with, here are a few things to look for:


While branding and design agency partners can help your business gain awareness, performance marketing agencies can deliver results fast driving online growth both in the present, in the immediate short-term, and the overall long-term periods. Bringing on a performance marketing agency that has both multi-channel marketing expertise as well as a holistic background in marketing strategy can significantly improve your marketing results as well as saving time, saving money, and most importantly delivering high ROI.

If you're interested in learning more about Upgrow's performance marketing services, schedule a call with us today!

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