What is a Performance Marketing Agency and Why You Desperately Need One

While the importance of branding and design agency partners will always be important, the need for this new type of specialized performance marketing agency will drive online growth for brands both in the near and long term. At Meehan Digital we define ourselves as 100% performance marketing, so it's important that share exactly that means.

What is Performance Marketing

MarketingSchool.org offers this definition "Performance-based marketing is a method of interactive advertising paid for not with a set price, but with a variable price that depends on the performance of the ad. For example, the cost of an ad might be based upon how often it’s viewed on a webpage, how often it’s actually clicked, how often it actually generates a lead, or how often it results in a sale."

I like to think of performance marketing as any pay-per-click or pay-per-lead program. If a digital marketing channel has an attributable conversion event then we consider that performance marketing.

Why is Performance Marketing Important

Analytics and attribution are increasingly more available for sophisticated brands. Getting an ROI for marketing budgets and channels is increasingly important. So have an agency that specializes in delivering results is a must so that brand marketing managers can report real results and take credit for the traffic and sales they drive.

What to Look for a Performance Marketing Agency

When seeking a performance marketing agency to partner with, here are a few things to look for:

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