B2B Google Ads Case Study with Split Software... +775% Lead Growth!

Ryder Meehan
November 5, 2019
b2b google ads case study

In our most exciting B2B Google Ads case study results yet, Split Software was an incredible 775% increase in leads while actually decreasing spend by 18%. That's a 91% crease in cost-per-lead while nearly an 8-fold in lead volume, not too shabby!

About Split Software

Split Software (Split) is the leading product decisions platform for engineering and product teams who want to rapidly and safely deliver valuable software to customers, through feature flagging and experimentation solution.Their customers include  Salesforce, Twilio and WePay.  Split has raised a Series B round in February 2018.

The Challenge

Split approached Upgrow to help manage their existing Google Ads account and to efficiently scale lead generation efforts on Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads to drive marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

The Solution

As part of our multi-funnel targeting strategy, we coordinated with Split to identify the strongest top of funnel (TOF) assets to help drive leads, in addition to bottom of funnel (BOF) offers (e.g. free signup).

We  then  helped  create  conversion  focused  landing pages on Unbounce for the TOF offers, integrate lead flow to Hubspot and implement all necessary tracking through Google Tag Manager. We set up multiple variants of each page in order to run A/B tests to continually find the highest performing page. These tests include whether having Languages and SDKs make a difference in conversions as well as different form field requirements, lengths and even positioning. In Google Ads, we completely overhauled the campaign structure to utilize Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) in order to create hyper-targeted user experience and improve Quality Score. Also, we evaluated historical performance and made performance  tweaks,  as  well  as  aggressively  culled poor keywords and expanded negative keywords list.

In LinkedIn Ads, we ran account based marketing (ABM) campaigns targeting companies and users, and applying demographic/firmographic filters where relevant.Our overall strategy was to lead with TOF offers in order to capture the lead and help nurture the leads into MQLs through retargeting to BOF offers, as well utilizing Hubspot’s nurture workflow.

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