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Reaching potential donors, sponsors and beneficiaries of a charitable organization is essential for it's growth and social impact. Upgrow expertly plans and manages SEO, Google Ads, social media ads and content marketing programs specifically for nonprofit organizations.

See how we can partner with you to build a digital marketing strategy that generates awareness, traffic, email list size and revenue.

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Increase Your Not-for-Profit Organization's Awareness, Traffic and Revenue by Reaching the Right Audience

No matter the mission of your nonprofit or your objectives, you can see incredible results with a strategic digital marketing program. Find potential donors, increase your organizations awareness, or build a social media presence -- it all starts with understanding your target audience and efficiently reaching them with a clear marketing message. Tracking and reporting on performance using Google Analytics and Google Data Studio also help to drive optimization.

We always recommended starting with securing the Google Ads Grant. A $10,000 monthly budget any nonprofit can apply for, Upgrow currently has a 100% application acceptance rate if you need help enrolling! This allows you to reach anyone searching for keywords related to your organization. Learn more in our Google Ads Grant blog post.

Social media marketing ads can also be a great channel for targeting users based on geography, interests, behavior and even charitable giving. If you have a donor file or target list, it can also be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to reach your audience. By crafting attractive and engaging ad creative we drive users to your site where a well designed landing page encourages them to signup for your mailing list or to donate right away.

Our team has years of experience working in the not-for-profit digital marketing space. See some of our case study results.

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SEO Agency San Francisco
Who wouldn't want to rank at the top of Google for searches related to their business?  We handle site coding, keyword analysis, link building and content creation to beat competitors on the terms that matter.
There are over 3.5 billion Google searches daily, shouldn't your brand show up in some of them?  We will determine the right keywords to target and make sure your brand shows up when it matters with the perfect message.
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Reach qualified audiences with a relevant message and offer through social media advertising on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.  Precisely target based on job title, company, or a lead list to warm sales prospects.
Content Marketing
A cousin of SEO, content marketing is an authentic and effective marketing channel. Our team will develop a strategy, source content, employ SEO best practices and build a content distribution network. We help you to build a program that will engage people, build trust, and convert users.
Measuring where your web traffic comes from, how users interact with it, and how many convert is foundational to all web marketing, design and development initiatives. We help you to ensure no click goes untracked and no action goes unmeasured to get the most of your work.
Web Design
Why invest in driving traffic to a site that stinks? We will work with you to build a website that not only reflects your brand but also converts like crazy. We can polish your current site or build a brand new one for you in SquareSpace, Webflow, Shopify or Wordpress depending on your needs.
"The Upgrow team has been a valuable extension of the MemSQL marketing team. They have helped us scale our demand generation through smartly executed digital marketing campaigns, providing exactly the staffing we have needed to meet our growth goals."

- Peter Guagenti, CMO MemSQL
Peter Guagenti - MemSQL CMO
"Upgrow has been a invaluable partner to help take our SEO and Google Ads program to the next level.  Our account team is responsive, highly engaged, strategic and consistently finds new opportunities. But their strongest differentiator is their ability to communicate the "why" behind a recommended tactic or strategy, and never ever make you feel stupid for asking SEO/PPC related questions. They educate as they implement"

- Jeannie Christensen - Marketing Director, Tech Startup
Jeannie Christensen - Twistlock Marketing Director
"Working the Upgrow team was the best choice we made during our launch.  From the start, we had an engaging experience with team members who learned our business and cared.  The ongoing support consistently exceeds our expectations."

- Bob Miltenberger, CEO Nearshorenetworks
Bob Miltenberger - CEO Nearshorenetworks
"Upgrow helped us rapidly test and scale within our search program, driving us to go from almost no search to a fully functioning SEM machine."

- Katelyn Watson - VP of Marketing, Nurx
Katelyn Watson - Nurx VP of Marketing

Nonprofit Marketing is Unique and Requires a Different Approach

Charitable giving and cause awareness has changed in recent years and in many ways for the better. Nonprofit marketing managers can now engage their base online with less ad budget and in a deeper, more meaningful way. Campaigns like the ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge is probably the most famous, not every effort has to go viral to indicate success.

Unlikely traditional for profit companies, nonprofits need to plan and execute marketing strategies differently.

For starters, nonprofits are often more budget strapped and rely on organic awareness. That's why we focus on low cost, high impact programs like the Google Ads Grant, SEO, engaging your social networks and landing page design that drives email marketing list signups as well as donations.

Why Upgrow?

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Based in San Francisco, California

Our digital marketing agency is based right in the middle of innovation, technology and startup land. This puts us close to many of our clients, allows us to recruit the most tech-savvy and entrepreneurial team members, and stay on top of the latest industry trends.
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Deeply Data Driven

Some agencies put smooth-talkers with no real technical chops on your account, not Upgrow! All of our account managers have at least 5 years of experience in planning and managing digital marketing programs, and are available directly to our clients by phone, email and chat.
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Full Service Digital Marketing

Why manage multiple agencies and consultants? Upgrow offers a complete performance marketing suite of services -- from strategy to launch, all digital advertising channels to conversion-focused web design, we can serve as a partner for all of your online growth needs.
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Pro-Level Account Managers

Some ad agencies put smooth-talkers with no real technical chops on your account, not Upgrow! All of our account managers have at least 5 years of experience in planning and managing digital marketing programs, and are available to our clients by phone, email and chat.

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