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Drive Hyper-Qualified B2B Leads & Sales with LinkedIn Ads and Upgrow

Launching and growing LinkedIn Ads doesn’t have to be slow, unprofitable, or unpredictable. Our Echo Chamber and Native Ads strategies for LinkedIn can dramatically increase your lead volume and quality.  Work with a LinkedIn Ads agency that gets results.

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Hundreds of companies of all sizes generate consistent, qualified leads from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions powered by Upgrow.

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Use a Proven B2B Lead Generation Model

Increase LinkedIn Ads ROI & Sales Revenue

Broad and unqualified target audiences, generic ad designs, and weak landing pages can quickly lead to poor conversion rates and no return on investment for your ad campaigns budget.

This is why a majority of LinkedIn Advertisers never reach their performance goals and are unable to scale their advertising campaigns.

We can show you exactly how to reach your ideal client and convert traffic at a shockingly high rate — and how our clients consistently see 200% to 800% sales revenue growth using the same marketing strategies.  Learn more about our Echo Chamber and Native Ads approaches to Linkedin Advertising.


A Full-Funnel Approach to LinkedIn Advertising

Our clients consistently see 200%+ conversion growth using our LinkedIn Ad strategies and Paid Growth Plan.  The key is “full-funnel marketing.”  Upgrow researches your perfect target audience, composes click-enticing fresh creatives and copy, creates and tests landing pages, and reports on your analytics for data-driven decisions.  Since we can enhance every step of the funnel, we can ensure everything is streamlined and follows our proven blueprint for results.

At Upgrow, every click and every dollar of ad spend is maximized. We look beyond your LinkedIn Ads campaign at the entire customer journey, optimize your campaigns, write compelling and persuasive ad copy, design ad graphics, work with you to develop an irresistible offer, and create high-converting landing page funnels.

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LinkedIn Ad Results So Good, They’re Guaranteed

If you don’t see results from your ad campaigns in the first 60 days, cancel with no questions asked.

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proactive, strategic, results-driven

A Hands-On
LinkedIn Ads Agency

Qualified users are currently searching for your services and products. Let Upgrow show you what it finally feels like to have a team of experts that’s as relentlessly dedicated to your business success as you are.

LinkedIn Ads Case Study


Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)



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“Upgrow helped us scale MQLs through Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. They produced high-converting landing pages, saving our reliance on dev and design resources. Upgrow are experts at B2B marketing in the software industry, understanding our product and target customer at a deep level.

– Nick Kephart, Vice President

Split Software experienced a 775% increase in leads with a 91% improvement in cost-per-lead within just 3 months.

Complete LinkedIn Ads Optimization

Take your LinkedIn Ads campaigns to the next level with comprehensive lead generation strategies and expert digital marketing management.


  • Existing account audit
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Custom target audiences
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Granular audience segmentation
  • Bidding strategy
  • Image and ad copy creation & testing
  • Audience mining & sculpting
  • Geographic bid adjustments
  • New audience expansions
  • Custom Looker reporting dashboard
  • Landing page design and build
  • ToFu/MoFu/BoFu offer strategy
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Lead nurturing and conversion campaigns
  • Audience exclusion lists
  • Early access to new LinkedIn Ad betas
  • Sales level tracking
  • Shared Slack channel
  • Bi-Weekly review meetings
  • Strategic quarterly reviews

Your Premier Linkedin Ads Agency


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Components of a Successful LinkedIn Ads Campaign

LinkedIn Ads are the cornerstone of nearly all successful, performance-based marketing programs and a proven way to scale qualified leads for B2B companies. That’s why we’d never take a set-it-and-forget mentality. At Upgrow, four critical components go into every great PPC campaign we manage:

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Audience Research & Segmentation

Success with LinkedIn paid advertising begins with reaching the right users at the right time.  Comprehensive, strategic audience research takes hours of critical thinking and a process of prioritize more transactional, yet cost-efficient terms.  We’ve spent years refining our process for this and as LinkedIn’s placement and targeting audiences change over the years, so does our approach.

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Strategic Campaign Structure

Each LinkedIn Ads effort starts with campaign setup or cleanup. We take a research and data-heavy approach to choosing the correct target audiences based on the ICP, bid strategy, and ad types.  Organizing the LinkedIn campaigns so each audience is served a relevant ad, offer, and landing page is critical.

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Copywriting & Ad Design

We write persuasive ad copy – the key to capturing the attention of your ideal customers. And actively testing the language in your text ads leads to a higher CTR and ROAS.  We also create custom, on-brand imagery for Lead Ads, Video Ads, Message Ads, and InMail campaigns, optimizing them based on where they will be displayed.

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Funnel Landing Pages & CRO

We know the value of a high-converting landing page and implement CRO best practices to seamlessly move leads through the conversion funnel.

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100+ Clients Have Seen Results
with LinkedIn Ads

Our B2B Social Media Marketing Growth Plan

Our full-funnel approach sets us apart as a top LinkedIn Ads agency.

Industry Competitor Strategy Analysis

Industry & Competitor
Strategy Analysis

Taking a data-driven approach requires starting with a deep understanding of your brand, customers, and industry. We’ll meet with your sales team, marketing team, and subject matter experts to collect the information we need.

Marketing Progress

Full Account Audit
& Setup

We audit your LinkedIn Ads campaign history to find hidden opportunities within ad groups, audience segments, bidding, budgeting, exclusions, and ads. We then build a strategy to address the biggest weaknesses and build out the strong elements.

Campaign Structure Professional Audience Lists 1 1

Campaign Structure
& Professional Audience Lists

We use industry-leading tools and decades of experience to create an expansive, relevant keyword list. We will organize your ad group structures to sculpt traffic with the most relevant ads.

Landing Page Creation Optimization

Landing Page Creation
& Optimization

Our ads get the click, but the landing page wins the conversion. High-converting landing page design is built into our process. After launching each page, we then test different designs, messages, and offers to get the best results.

High Converting Copy

High-Converting Copy
& Extensions

Our direct-response copywriters craft click-worthy ads that increase your quality score, decrease cost-per-click and irrelevant clicks, and help you win more qualified leads. Once we find messaging that resonates, we customize it for different keyword groups.

Regular Tracking Detailed Reporting

Regular Tracking
& Detailed Reporting

A paid social media marketing campaign is nothing without deep analytics and actionable insights. We use Looker Studio, Analytics, Hotjar, and Google Tag Manager to track events and actions on your website – such as sales, downloads, signups, contacts, video views, and more.

Experimentation and

& Expansion

A lot of LinkedIn Ads agencies say they continually test. At Upgrow, we have regular experimentation worked into the scope of our campaign management. We never stop optimizing, testing, and weeding out weaker audiences.

Ready to Take Your LinkedIn Ads to the Next Level?

LinkedIn Ads FAQs

How much are LinkedIn marketing agency services?

Our approach to paid media ads management is a little different than other LinkedIn Advertising agencies.  That’s because we don’t offer cookie-cutter services and provide a full-funnel lead generation solution, LinkedIn marketing services not only ads management.  For these reasons, each program is customized to what our client needs and what they already have in place.  But to give you an idea, our pricing starts at $3,000 per month.

Are landing pages and analytics tracking included?

Yes! These are included in the setup package, so we truly give you everything you need to launch successfully with Linked Ads. If you need ongoing landing pages developed, A/B testing, and CRO, we can add that for $1,000 monthly. Our landing pages typically outperform standard pages in conversion rate, return on investment, conversion volume and other metrics.

What makes you different from other LinkedIn Ads agencies near me?

We understand that whether you’re a global tech company or a ready-to-grow startup, you’re looking for more than just a “set it and forget it” approach. That’s why we specialize in crafting irresistible LinkedIn ad funnels tailored to your ideal customer and decision-makers. Unlike other agencies, we write persuasive ad copy and offer multiple ad types to fit your campaign goals.

Our team is dedicated to maximizing conversions by continually optimizing your account, focusing on eliminating the lowest performing ads and enhancing the best ones. We schedule regular strategy calls to align with your objectives and provide automated email follow-ups to keep you in the loop.

Our custom, full-funnel approach extends beyond just LinkedIn marketing; it includes landing page design, A/B testing for different ad formats, and analytics to measure performance. Each Upgrow team member is laser-focused on bringing you closer to your ideal prospects and converting them into your best clients.

How long does it take to launch my LinkedIn Ads campaigns?

Our average launch takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the size and whether you already have an account or need to create one from scratch.

How long until I see more high quality leads from LinkedIn Advertising?

Most of our LinkedIn marketing agency clients start to see results days or even hours after we launch their campaigns. Expect to see full performance after 30-45 days from LinkedIn advertising.  We’re so confident in our full-funnel approach, that we guarantee results and client satisfaction after 60 days.


What is Upgrow's Paid Growth Plan

Most LinkedIn Ads agencies focus solely on managing what’s inside your LinkedIn Ads account.  This approach neglects the landing page and conversion rate optimization.  We take a more comprehensive approach to deliver more consistent and qualified conversions.  Learn more about our Paid Growth Plan or talk to one of our PPC experts now.

Who will I work with at Upgrow?

Each client is assigned a dedicated LinkedIn Ads Account Manager who will be your main point of contact. Our LinkedIn Ads experts have 3+ years of experience and are the same person optimizing your account. A Director and Specialist will further support your manager.

What industries do you work with?

We are not industry-exclusive but have extensive digital marketing experience in the B2B technology, financial services, nonprofit, legal services, data management, and healthcare sectors.

Do LinkedIn Ads really work for B2B or tech companies?

Absolutely, LinkedIn Ads are specifically tailored for the professional networking environment that LinkedIn offers, making them particularly effective for B2B (Business-to-Business) and tech companies. Here’s why:

Targeted Audience: LinkedIn allows advertisers to target audiences based on specific professional criteria, such as job title, industry, company size, and more. This enables B2B and tech companies to reach decision-makers directly.

Professional Context: Users on LinkedIn are typically in a professional mindset, making them more receptive to business-oriented content, products, and services compared to users on other social media platforms.

High-Quality Leads: Studies have shown that the lead quality from LinkedIn is generally higher than from other platforms, especially for B2B and tech sectors. This is because you’re reaching professionals who are often actively seeking solutions or looking to further their industry knowledge.

Content Sharing: B2B and tech companies often produce valuable content like whitepapers, case studies, or webinars. LinkedIn provides an ideal platform to promote such content, attracting high-quality leads.

Engagement Rates: While LinkedIn Ad costs might be higher than other platforms, engagement rates, especially for niche B2B and tech sectors, can be significantly higher, offering a good return on investment.

However, like any advertising platform, the effectiveness of LinkedIn Ads depends on various factors including ad quality, targeting precision, budget allocation, and campaign objectives. It’s crucial to monitor campaigns regularly and make necessary adjustments to optimize for the best results.

What will I need to do as a client?

As your dedicated LinkedIn Advertising agency, we aim to take the burden of campaign management completely off your plate. However, we do need some collaboration from you. Our client’s involvement is crucial to our mutual success. We will ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire before you launch with us, share all relevant assets needed to create winning landing pages and ad creative, have bi-weekly meetings, and communicate regularly via email or a shared Slack channel.

What Is a LinkedIn Ads Partner Agency?

As an agency in the top tier of budget managed with LinkedIn, Upgrow enjoys the benefits of a dedicated LinkedIn account rep, early access to beta products, and elevated support.

Does Upgrow only specialize in LinkedIn Ad Campaigns or are you a full service digital marketing agency?

While we are one of the best LinkedIn Ads Agency partners offering LinkedIn Ads strategy and LinkedIn Ads campaign creation, we are also a full service agency. We offer social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), funnel landing page web design, paid advertising, shopping campaigns, Google Analytics setup, ad copy writing, keyword research, strategic digital marketing services, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, paid search program, target audience research, and PPC campaigns for business growth. So while LInkedIn Ads services are one of our core digital marketing agency services, we offer complete digital marketing solutions with a dedicated team and smart digital marketing efforts.