How to Drive Powerful ABM Lead Generation (21 Proven Strategies w/Pictures)

by | Mar 6, 2020

‍ABM (or account-based marketing) is the hottest topic in B2B sales and marketing since the promotional thumb drive.

Rather than spray and pray across the internet, marketers can now target highly qualified prospects with a personalized and relevant offer. And since your pool of prospects is smaller and better defined you can spend the time to perfect your message and hit them with frequency.

But that now poses the question, how do you reach your ABM list effectively?

Digital marketing is the primary source for B2B lead acquisition and can get results alone but pairing it with an ABM lead generation list is the secret sauce for unlocking access to your best accounts at scale. In fact, 84 percent of businesses using ABM say it delivers a higher ROI than other marketing campaigns.

Not to toot our own horn but Upgrow generates over 125,000 leads annually (primarily for B2B) across industries for tech startups to Fortune 500 brands (toot, toot!!).  So it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about targeted digital marketing.  We’ve discovered a POWER list of strategies that get the ABM lead generation flywheel spinning.

This list of ideas will give some of our best methods for crushing MQL goals using inbound marketing.   So read on!

First, let’s cover what ABM is:

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a highly focused business strategy in which a marketing team treats an individual prospect or customer like its very own market. The marketing team can create content, events, and entire campaigns dedicated to these specific accounts, rather than the industry as a whole. – Hubspot

If you’re still not sure how ABM lead generation works, the benefits, or how to build your target list, check out this great article on the topic.

List of ABM Lead Generation Strategies

  1. Turn Your Account List of Companies into a List of Names
  2. Coordinate Marketing & Sales Schedules
  3. Highly Personalized Email Sequences
  4. Use a Dynamic Landing Page Platform
  5. Develop Prospect-Relevant Offers
  6. Go for the Value-Add Meeting
  7. Track & Report ABM Leads Separately
  8. Engaging & Experiential Content
  9. Build an Evergreen Lead Magnet
  10. Custom Audience Upload Display Targeting
  11. Search Ads with Custom Audience Bid Boosting
  12. Add Bing Search Ads
  13. Gmail Ads for ABM Lead Generation
  14. LinkedIn Message Ads
  15. Use LinkedIn Lead Forms in Your Message Ads
  16. Create ABM Specific Campaigns
  17. Target Bottom to Top Company Roles
  18. Market to Target Prospect Connections
  19. Twitter Tailored Audiences
  20. Programmatic Display Ads
  21. Content Syndication Networks

Pre-Launch Planning

Providers such as Apollo, Reachforce, and can create lists based on role or responsibility at your list of companies. This type of list build allows account-based models to seed the database with the right contacts. Using the list of emails, your outbound sales team can coordinate with marketing by executing email, calling, and direct mail efforts.  My first preference is Apollo since it’s not just a prospect research platform but also has a built-in CRM and email sequence sending feature for a complete solution.

Apollo ABM Lead Generation User Data

You want to create an impact in the prospect’s mind that your brand is hot, and everywhere they go they hear about it.  The ability to create the experience is only available through ABM since your ad budget and sales outreach time are both limited, so by focusing only on key accounts you can reach only ideal users.  Scheduling out both when sales will be hitting the phones and sending cold emails as well as when marketing will be reaching them (with all the tactics listed below) is ideal.

To illustrate: suppose a user just saw your brand on their Facebook wall, got an LinkedIn Message about a relevant webinar invitation, and then an SDR calls them to offer a free guided demo.  That makes much more impact than any one of these contacts alone.