27 Powerful Web Lead Conversion Boosting Tactics

by | Dec 6, 2019

You have a website. Maybe you even have steady web traffic. But if your lead conversion rate is abysmal, then your sales will shrivel up and die.

Shrivel and Die

First, let’s define “lead conversion” in the context of the web.

Lead Conversion is the process of a web visitor converting either by completing a web form or purchasing directly on your website.

So then “lead conversion rate” could be defined as the rate at which visitors convert. The formula would simply be (leads/visitors) or if you received 1 conversion from 100 visitors then your lead conversion rate would be 1%.

Now that we’ve defined what lead conversion rate is, let’s cover the most common reasons that users don’t convert.

There can be many reasons someone comes to your site, doesn’t like what they see, and heads right back out the way they came in. So let’s cover some of the reasons someone could “bounce” and strategies to entice them to take the next step instead.

  1. You don’t offer a clear conversion path – or in other words, you’re missing a “call to action” (CTA) so the user lands on your page, reads the content, but it’s not clear what their next step should be, so they leave.
  2. Poor website design – dated graphics, broken elements, typos, and walls of technical text can turn a user’s offer or at least seriously deter them.
  3. Slow to load – users are incredibly impatient these days. According to some studies, for a one-second delay, a website sees a 7% decrease in conversion rate and an 11% drop in organic page views. Not convinced? See this Hubspot blog for more terrifying slow page statistics.
  4. Not enough information – if your website is too minimal with little content or details of what you do, then users won’t know enough about you to want to take the next step.
  5. Poor traffic – sure, you can buy cheap traffic on the dark web, but it won’t convert. The same goes if you post irrelevant topics on your blog that don’t attract your target customers.
  6. Irrelevant landing page – matching the audience to the right landing page is critical. Users won’t browse past the first page if they don’t see what they came. This is a symptom of not pointing marketing traffic to the appropriate landing page or not having the appropriate content on your site.
  7. Too many distractions – just like #1 gives the user no clear next step, giving them too many CTA’s can confuse and overwhelm them. Excessive pop-ups, moving objects, video ads, and similar elements can accidentally steer them off course.
  8. They simply aren’t convinced – the website didn’t give them enough reasons or wasn’t enticing enough for them to progress.

According to Databox, most websites have less than a 5% lead generation conversion rate, and 10% of sites convert less than 1% of visitors. This leaves a massive opportunity to grow conversions with the traffic you’re site is already getting without more ad spend or marketing initiatives.

Databox conversion rate data

Ok, we’ve covered the main reasons users bail on your site, now let’s talk about what you can do about it with 27 useful tactics!

1) Clear CTA

The addition of a big, bold button for “Download Our Ebook” , “Buy Now” or “Book a Meeting” can make a huge difference.

CTA Free Trial Example from FiveTran.com

2) Benefits with Features in Your Copy

Features tell a user what your service or product does, but benefits tell them how that benefits them. What do you think they are more interested in? BENEFITS! Yet many marketers just spew tech specs and product features. Try adding in some benefits to help your prospects visualize why they need you.

Features vs benefits iPod example

3) Visualize Information

Icons and graphics can make it easier for users to understand what you offer at a glance. Below is an example from Upwork.com:

Visual Navigation - Images and Icons - Upwork Example

4) Quizzes

Quizzes command attention and force a reader to be actively engaged with the questions in front of them. They can be easy to build with a platform like LeadQuizzes.com and can be a powerful conversion tool. Neil Patel has a great article on using quizzes to generate leads you might want to check out to learn more. Below is an example from Country Rebel Clothing that generated over 39,000 email signups!

Example of quiz to generate leads

5) Marketing Landing Pages

A good marketing landing page laser-focuses the user on a single action (i.e. Download the Ebook) without navigation or other information. They can be highly effective for paid marketing traffic (i.e. Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, etc). Below is an example marketing landing page from Split Software (an Upgrow Client).