thank you page is so much more than meets the eye. A business must let customers know they truly appreciate their consideration and purchase products or services. A well-thought-out and constructed thank-you page is an investment in a company’s future and the likelihood of creating repeat customers. 

What is a Thank You Page? 

Thank you landing pages are notification pages that pop up or redirect when a customer purchases a product or a service.

In addition to thanking them for their subscription or purchase, the thank you note should include other vital elements. One of the most critical parts of the thank you is what the customer can expect from your company after the sale.

So, what is a thank you page comprised of, and what are its various parts? Key elements to feature in your thank you landing page? The right elements make it a gold mine for conversions and increasing brand awareness. 

Rather than thinking of a thank you page as a simple saying thank you for your purchase, use it as a tool to increase their interest, instill trust and confidence and even keep the customer informed on what to expect from your company. 

Key Thank You Landing Page Features

Here are some of the features that are often found on a landing page:

Referral promotions

For example, you could offer discounts or bonuses for upcoming purchases if they agree to refer someone they know. Provide codes or other key details that make the referral process easy for the customer. 

Ambassador offers

Feature an ambassador offer on the thank you page to boost traffic and visibility. Make it easy to share posts, webpages, social media blurbs, and more from the thank you page. You get a boost in advertising and connect with an audience you may otherwise miss. 

Opt-in forms

You can insert an opt-in form directly on the thank you page. They can sign up to receive emails, offers, promotions, and other communications that benefit the customer. This information lets your company reach out directly to encourage more connections and conversion through previous customers. 

Customized messages

Include a short, heartfelt message from the company CEO or director of sales to create a stronger connection with the customer. Address them by name and provide them with an invite to reach out with questions or concerns. 

Additional offers

Include any additional offers the customer can take advantage of right now. It’s a great time to remind or educate them about something interesting. If they have already made a purchase, they will likely be a repeat customer if you can entice them with great deals. 

Interesting image or video

There are many opportunities for including images or videos on your thank you page. You may include a video on what to expect or how to improve the product or service. You can also use a funny GIF or image to endear the customer to your brand. 


Customer questionnaires are highly valuable. They provide insights about the customer experience and allow them to give suggestions or information about them to help create a better brand-client relationship. You can ask them, ‘What is a thank you page?’ in terms of features to help you improve your approach. 

Thank You Page Examples

Consider these thank you page examples to help you get the most out of your opportunity. A thank you page ideally pops up or is a redirect after the customer completes their subscription or transaction. There is an entire page full of opportunities to learn more about the customer, educate the customer about company philosophies, what to expect next, and generally offers and details. Consider these examples of excellent thank you page ideas. 

Subscriptions thank you page

A thank you page appears after a sale or subscription sign-up is completed. A sincere thank you message from the CEO appears. It addresses the customer by name and invites them to offer feedback on the included questionnaire. Learn more about the customer experience in the process and how to improve it. 

Thank you page with personality

Your customer arrives at the thank you landing page and is treated by a colorful “Thank You” with funny GIFs or images that are quirky and entertaining. Highlight a customer offer or brand ambassador promotion with a quick link to help spread the word about your company through your new customer. 

Offers thank you page

After completing their transaction, the customer is greeted by some very appealing offers currently available to them for being a valued customer. You also can include links to FAQ pages, blog posts, and other information to help them learn more about your company, its offerings, and its benefits. You can expand your thank you landing page to help promote and inform customers. 

Thank you page to support the user journey

Once a customer makes a purchase, they like to know what happens next. The thank you page pops up, and the customer wonders what is a thank you page and how does it benefit them? To start, provide them with shipping information, refund policies, and information links to blog posts. You can also encourage them to share promo codes and other marketing information