7 Must-Try Vegan Marketing Strategies

The number of Americans calling themselves "vegan" grew from 1% to 6% between 2014 and 2017: a 600% increase, according to GlobalData. That’s still a pretty small portion of the total, but other data reveal growing interest in plant-based foods by consumers who don’t consider themselves vegetarian or vegan. Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal-based foods grew 17% over the past year, while overall U.S. food sales rose only 2%, according to data from Nielsen and the Good Food Institute. The market for such foods totaled more than $3.7 billion in 2017.

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Last year, according to The Economist, a whopping 25 percent of Americans 25 to 34 years old identified as vegan or vegetarian. The recent spike in US sales of vegan foods is largely attributable to millennials, who are increasingly going vegan. Whether for animal welfare, health, environmental reasons, or to improve world hunger, more Americans are turning to a meat-free, plant-based diet.

To summarize, the demand for vegan products and brands are exploding. It's no surprise, then, that smart marketers are riding this wave!

Meat alternative brands like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Good Foods, and many others are grabbing early market share as fully vegan businesses. However, even non-vegan brands, restaurants, and food manufacturers are offering vegan options free of animal products. Not just in the more vegan-dense cities like Los Angeles, Portland, and San Francisco, but all across the county.

Impossible Burger - Vegan Marketing Ad

So what strategies can you apply to reach this market, grow vegan product sales, and expand your vegan brand? Read on for all the answers, and if you're looking for a vegan digital marketing agency then get in touch!

Vegan Social Media Marketing

Facebook & Instagram Ads targeting a vegan audience

Vegan Facebook Ad

Pinterest Ads targeting vegan posts and topics

Vegan Pinterest ad

Vegan Influencer Marketing

Product Reviews with Vegan Influencers

Vegan Influencer Marketing


Local Search Listing

Vegan local search results

Vegan Category Page


Google Ads for Vegan Searches


I hope this gives you some ideas to start growing your vegan sales!  And if you'd like to see how Upgrow can provide a complete digital marketing strategy and manage your online customer acquisition programs, schedule a discovery call now! So which strategy are you going to try? Any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below...

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