How Upgrow Consistently Grows VC-Backed Startups Faster

Ryder Meehan
November 17, 2020
digital marketing agency for startups

Every early-stage VC-backed startup wants to show massive growth and FAST. Founders, venture capital fund managers, investors, and the marketing team all have to move fast to achieve profitability and find "product-market fit". Whether the target is to earn a profitable acquisition, reach the next series of funding, see positive cashflow, or just build the next big thing - rapid, efficient growth is the rocket fuel needed to take you there.

Being in Silicon Valley, we've had the incredible opportunity at Upgrow to enjoy a front row seat watching venture capital backed companies achieve the initial rapid growth needed to establish a durable position in the market.

By applying our hyper-targeted growth strategy in Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, and CRO web design we've played our role in taking clients to the promised land.

Major Client Milestones Achieved

Split software logo Split - worked with Upgrow to increase leads by 795% in 90 days leading to a $33M Series C raise. (See case study)
Singlestore logo SingleStore (formerly MemSQL) - supporting all digital ad channels, Upgrow has helped SingleStore earn $50M in funding.
Juniper Square Logo Juniper Square - using SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads from launch date we generated 3,500 leads and led to a Series C $75M raise. (See case study)
Cloud Logistics logo Cloud Logistics - within a year of launching a high-growth LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads program, Cloud Logistics was successfully acquired by E2Open.
Twistlock logo Twistlock - using targeted SEO and Google Ads, Twistlock went from Series A with Upgrow to an acquisition by Palo Alto Networks for $410M.
Seal Software Logo Seal Software - after deploying paid social ads, SEO, and Google Ads with high-converting landing pages, Seal Software accepted a $188M offer from DocuSign.
Nurx transparent logo Nurx - used Google Ads to quickly increase subscribers by 45% in the first 90 days, supporting a $300M valuation.
Pullstring Logo PullString - Upgrow's SEO and CRO work paved the way for the customer acquisition growth that led to an Apple acquisition.
Influxdata Logo Influxdata - engaged Upgrow in a robust SEO, Google Ads, and Twitter Ads program to accelerate customer acquisition leading to a $60M Series D.
Alooma logo Alooma - launching and growing a highly effective Google Ads channel, Alooma earned a profitable acquisition by Google.

And in just a little over 2 years as an agency, we're only getting started and are excited our next client achieve another major milestone.

While each company and industry has it's own unique challenges and opportunities, there are some general rules we follow:

4 Pillars for High Growth

By working with our clients to build the "dream customer" persona then really dial-in the marketing to reach and resonate with them, we cut out wasted ad spend and create highly scalable growth systems.

What's Your Next Growth Target?

This repeatable success for clients has led to our own agency's success through steady referrals from partners at Kleiner Perkins and other top VC's.

Want to learn more? Schedule your consultation now to see how we can develop a growth strategy for your company.

Targeted high growth for startups

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