Best Digital Marketing Conferences 2019

by | Jul 12, 2019

Whether you are a marketing expert or just started your business and looking for inspiration for your upcoming marketing campaign or long-term marketing strategy, conferences are a great way to learn about current industry trends and network with other digital marketing professionals.

Since there are hundreds of great digital marketing conferences held every year, it might be hard to choose which conferences are the right pick for you. Well, we have made it easy for you. Here are our top picks for digital marketing conferences that are definitely worth the time and investment.


When: July 15-17, 2019
Where: Seattle, WA


Mozcon is all about SEO and content marketing.  This is a great conference to attend if you are a content marketer, SEO specialist or an agency employee who manages SEO, content strategy, and analytics.

MozCon is a one-track journey conference that helps you connect with a community of experts and get advice from industry-leading SEO experts about SEO, mobile, conversion optimization, local search and more.

The speaker lineup includes a great number of marketing experts who will share their insights about SEO and content marketing.

Besides the official agenda, you will get to network with all kinds of like-minded marketers at lunch discussion tables and evening networking parties.

Moz Con - Digital Marketing Conference Seattle 2019

Digital Boot Camp

When: July 17, 2019
Where: New York, NY


If you are looking to learn more about Google’s suite of tools and learn how to use SEO tactics that improve your search rankings and your online presence, this boot camp is for you.

You will learn how to use algorithm-savvy SEO tactics, build an effective SEO strategy and produce compelling YouTube video content.

This event has a great list of guest speakers from the digital marketing industry meaning that you will have a great chance to network with like-minded marketing professionals.

As an attendee, you will also receive all speakers’ presentations, 3 Pillars of SEO Exclusive Slide Content, certificate upon completion of the boot camp and a digital copy of PRNEWS’ Google for Communicators Guidebook ($400 value).

5d28b1267c51a26cc0706c89 bootcamp
Digital Boot Camp July 17, 2019

Digital Summit Philadelphia

When: July 24-25, 2019
Where: Philadelphia, PA


Digital Summit is one of the biggest and most popular marketing conferences out there. This year the Summit offers 45+ digital marketing session and workshops to attend as well as brilliant guest speakers from companies such as Cigna, Linkedin, Zillow, and Microsoft. On top of that, the ticket includes access to presentation slides and recordings that you can easily use later in your marketing and business initiatives.

Digital Summit is the definitive digital marketing gathering where you don’t only learn about the latest trends and insights of the industry, but also get to meet hundreds of seasoned marketers, strategists, designers and more to network with.

5d28ae96307b8ffc98c0a231 PA summit
Digital Summit Philadelphia


When September 3-6, 2019
Where: Boston, MA


Whether you are a product manager, creative marketer or start-up founder you don’t want to miss Inbound. Inbound is an annual conference uniting break-out industry thinkers with more than 250 guest speakers that are reshaping the future of marketing. In fact, the guest speaker list this year includes huge names such as Michelle Obama, Issa Rae, and Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s no wonder Inbound is one of the fastest growing business events in the world.

Besides getting to know the latest industry trends and insights, you will enjoy a bunch of fun stuff such as comedy shows, happy hours and interactive forums.

5d28b676307b8f7006c0da18 inbound large

Content Marketing World

When: September 3-6, 2019
Where: Cleveland, OH


This content marketing conference will teach you everything you need to know about content marketing and content marketing strategy. Every year thousands of content marketers join the event to get inspiration for content marketing and network with content marketing gurus. Join over 120 sessions and workshops led by leading brand marketers and experts covering topics such as strategy, demand generation, storytelling, ROI and more. Companies attending Content Marketing World 2019 include big multi million companies like Microsoft, Dell, Nestle, TripAdvisor, and Discover.

5d28aceb307b8f70b2c097db content marketing
Content Marketing World


When: September 16-18, 2019
Where: Boston, MA


MarTech is a three-day marketing conference all about marketing technology. Being a marketer today is harder than ever and nothing matters more than integrating marketing and technology in this ever-changing industry. Learn about analytics, marketing execution, user experience, data management, and more.  Find how new A.I. is disrupting traditional marketing and how the distinction between marketing and technology has been erased.

By attending this conference you will get expert-led presentations that include actionable tactics to solve today’s marketing challenges and meet senior-level marketers who are reformulating how their businesses use MarTech to achieve business goals. Learn how to pick the right marketing technology tools, gather and analyze marketing data, and use marketing technology to help you focus on a strategy that delivers results.

Besides the official agenda, you will get to network with 2000+ passionate MarTech marketers. Growing your professional network has never been easier.

5d2646ac4eeb5fbe2f2872a6 martech

PubCon Pro Las Vegas

When: October 7-10, 2019
Where: Las Vegas, NV


Pubcon is a search engine optimization and social media conference held in Las Vegas. It’s the longest running conference in the space and also the only Full Stack Marketing conference that addresses every marketing specialty thoroughly. You will learn everything from building online marketing strategies to tracking conversions. You will be able to join Masters Training Workshops and get insights from multiple industry leaders. PubCon has an endless amount of guest speakers. In fact, the main stage has a different speaker every hour of the conference.

Besides the official agenda, you will have several networking opportunities with other marketers at multiple networking events running throughout the day.

5d264700b20cf315b81af69c vegas
PubCon Las Vegas

SMX East

When: November 13-14, 2019
Where: NYC, NY


If you are obsessed with SEO and SMM, this conference is for you. Search Marketing Expo is a leading conference for SEO and SMM professionals where search engine marketers from all over the world get help and inspiration to succeed with their search marketing efforts. This event is organized by Search Engine Land meaning that you will get all expertise, analysis, and insights from their contributors, editors and expert speakers. SMX offers a great variety of workshops such as advanced SEO training, advanced Google Ads training, hardcore technical SEO tactics and techniques, search marketing boot camp and more.

Besides all that, SMX East offers exceptional amenities including breakfast and hot lunches, built-in recharge and refreshment breaks and of course, networking events.

SMX East

Digital Summit Dallas

When: December 3-4, 2019
Where: Dallas, TX


Digital Summit in Dallas offers over 65 digital marketing sessions and workshops with great takeaways and ideas from digital marketing gurus. This event boasts about its brilliant speaker lineup including experts from companies such as Facebook, Spotify, Airbnb, Google, Uber and more.

The ticket includes access to speaker presentations slides and recordings that will help you get inspired on your future marketing and business initiatives.

Besides the official agenda,you will enjoy open bars, meet and greets, fun parties, onsite giveaways, and more.

5d28b0687c51a21767706b06 dallas
Digital Summit Dallas

Growth Marketing Conference

When: December 10-11, 2019
Where: San Francisco, CA


Growth Marketing Conference brings together growth marketing industry marketers and leaders to get inspired about all types of growth marketing tactics. Learn about acquisition, growth process, b2b growth strategies and performance marketing.

Keynote speakers from the world’s largest companies will share their visions on b2b growth, product lead growth, product marketing and more.

There are over 100 sessions as well as workshops and tutorials on vertical-focused content and of course, a great chance to network with other digital marketers.

5d264800e7e060682e06bb77 sf
Growth Marketing Conference

Why You Should Attend a Digital Marketing Conference

In today’s digital business world in-person interactions are becoming a rarity, however, many business deals are still won in person outside of the office. Conferences and other marketing events bring together your industry experts giving you a great opportunity to network and build unique business relationships that can be hard to achieve without in-person interaction.

Attending a digital marketing conference will help you expand your knowledge of digital marketing and get inspired by new industry trends. What’s more, interacting with people of your industry can bring new ideas and business solutions for your company. A conference is a great place to brainstorm on new business ideas and solutions when you have the energy of like-minded marketers and industry experts around you. In addition, most of the time you will receive speakers’ presentation slides, recordings and other presentation material that can be a great resource after a conference when planning your next business move.

Conference is also a great place to improve your presentation and communication skills while networking  or getting on stage to speak in front of hundreds of people. No one is a great speaker naturally, and as we know, practice is the key to success also in public speaking.

5d26487f194cec20bd00fc9c sf two

How to Get the Most Out of a Digital Marketing Conference

We all know attending industry conferences is beneficial in many different ways, but you might be wondering how to get the most out of it.

1. Do the research

Conference is always an investment of time and money so doing as much research and planning as you can is important. Register and purchase your pass as early as possible to receive an early bird discount!

2. Review the agenda

When the final agenda is out, review the offering and make a plan of what you want to learn during the conference and start browsing through sessions you want to attend. Sometimes it can be really hard to pick between different sessions as conferences can have multiple sessions running at the same time. By making your decision in advance, you can prepare yourself for each sessions as well as plan to meet people you’d like to connect with during the conference.

3. Connect with speakers and other attendants

Networking is a big part of a conference and there is nothing that stops you from connecting with people already before the event. If you don’t have access to the guest list, you can always check out the agenda to get a better idea of the attendants as well as follow social channels dedicated to that conference. With hashtags dedicated to the event, you get a chance to reach out to people who will be attending the event with you.

Once you know who you would like to meet during the conference, research their work, company and other relevant factors that will help you to leave a positive impression about yourself and your company.

4. Bring these with you

Last but not least, make sure you have a smart way to collect contact information from people. Business cards are a great way to collect contact details, but if you want to make sure to keep your contact safe and in one place, it’s smart to use contact forms that you can easily download to your phone, tablet or laptop.

Conferences are also a great place to promote your own business and services so don’t forget to prepare some demo material beforehand.

5d26492fb77ae0522ede0a56 inbound 001
Inbound Digital Marketing Conference

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, there are hundreds of different digital marketing conferences organized every year so it can be hard to choose the ones that you will get the most out of.

You can choose from conferences that focus on all aspects of digital marketing or conferences that solely focus on specific areas of marketing such as SEO, SEM, e-commerce marketing, b2b marketing, brand marketing or social media marketing. Once you have chosen a conference to attend, do your research about different sessions, workshops, guest speakers and plan ahead who you would like to meet to ensure you will get the most out of the experience.

Which digital marketing conferences are you planning to attend this year?

We have so far confirmed our attendance for Digital Boot Camp in NYC on July 17th, where the co-founder of Upgrow, Ryder Meehan,  will be sharing some great insights about SEO.

5d2642c74eeb5f701e286057 bootcamp
Digital Boot Camp

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Ryder Meehan

Ryder Meehan

Ryder has been on a 16-year journey to master digital marketing from every aspect. His resume includes Razorfish, Slighshot, Fossil, Samsung Mobile and Tatcha before launching Upgrow. Ryder is the acting CEO, heading business development and account services. He has been featured as a digital marketing leader on Forbes, PRNews,, Workamajig, Databox, Fit Small Biz and other outlets.

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