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My name is Ryder Meehan, and I'm the Co-Founder of this fine growth agency right here. I'm also a proud Texan trying to figure out life in Silicon Valley but I digress.

Whilst you're in our part of the internet I'd like to share some insight with you as it regards to getting spectacular results from digital marketing.

Turning on a steady pipeline of qualified leads and customers is the ultimate goal of every marketer. But most struggle with finding a way to get the results they want.

The vast majority of marketers and agencies are too antsy to go straight into launching ad campaigns or optimizing your website for search engines. They're all about "getting ads live" without first crafting the plan of "getting the house in order" -- we'll get into what that means just shortly.

You keep being told you're gaining "awareness" and maybe even some site traffic but more often than not it doesn't translating into leads (at least not qualified leads) or bottom line sales.

Well friend, having pushed pixels running digital ads since '04 with over $1B in ad spend managed in that time... I could tell you nearly everything that doesn't work (best saved as a long story over drinks).

Fortunately I also stumbled across what does work.

Success marketing requires building a "lead machine", and that is what we do for our clients.

There are 4 steps in the Lead Machine Blueprint, the first two are "Getting the House in Order". These ensure that you're going to convert cold traffic into leads at a high rate BEFORE you start spending on ads.

The second two ensure that your ROI consistently improves while your leads and sales scale like mad.

  1. Deeply Understand the Customer - knowing your audience personas and the problems that your solution solves for them is key. That's why we start every new client engagement with a detailed questionnaire, discovery research, and analytics review.
  2. Build a Better Landing Page - rather than just deliver traffic to your website, we go a step further than most agencies to plan, design, and optimize marketing landing pages as well. With more influence on the full marketing funnel, we can rapidly improve performance and scale.
  3. Follow a Check List System - for each channel (i.e. SEO, SEM, Social Ads) we go down a detailed checklist every day, week, and month. This disciplined approach ensures no element goes "unoptimized".
  4. Segmentation and Relevance - building a series of audiences, ads, and landing pages that resonate with different customer segments is the best way we've found to increase relevance which leads to higher conversion rates.Following this framework and applying it to the different channels we can then see results unlike you've ever seen.

Now of course excellent execution is what turns a good blueprint into the slicker-than-snot-on-a-doorknob sales system that you seek. For that we have an "all Michael Jordan" team to do just that.

Picture it! Fully managed, strategic, and coordinated performance marketing channels just HUMMING like a machine.

So if you're serious about lead generation and ready to commit to not just dabbling with "toe in the water" digital ads but really establishing a "lead machine" that will deliver for the long haul, then let's start with a diagnostic call.

Until then, have yourself a real nice day!