Brian Murphy

With over 9 years of experience, Candice, affectionately known as Cece, is results-driven and innovative specializing in the strategic management of cross-channel digital marketing campaigns. She is recognized for her exceptional leadership skills, strategic planning abilities, and adept management of client relationships. Her proven expertise lies in propelling growth, optimizing advertising strategies, and maximizing ROI by leveraging insightful data analytics and market insights.


Professional Highlights:

  • Pioneered cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns, primarily in the music industry.
  • PubCon Speaker, captivating audiences with profound insights into the ever-evolving landscape of paid search and digital advertising.
  • Channels her creative acumen and strategic thinking to elevate brand visibility and impact.
  • Respected educator at Endicott College in MA, imparting practical wisdom and real-world experiences to aspiring marketers.
  • Invited guest lecturer at USF, sharing her PPC expertise to inspire and nurture the next generation of digital marketing talents.


Fun Fact: She’s known to start fires basically every time she uses an oven, but she won 2nd place in the downhill derby and will never let her brother live it down.