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Increase sales and grow your ecommerce business faster with a proven digital marketing agency partner.  Upgrow offers complete ecommerce marketing services to scale your online business with consistent results.

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Looking to grow your eCommerce brand but want to make sure you’re getting a solid ROI on your digital marketing?

Upgrow is your eCommerce marketing agency partner to achieve more than just average results with years of experience, proven processes, and creative strategies. Founded by ex-eBay and ex-Samsung Mobile, we have eCommerce digital marketing in our DNA.

Our secret sauce is complete funnel optimization. So rather than just driving traffic through ads, we can also support conversion optimization in landing pages, create robust performance analytics, and design eye-catching ads. This allows us to gain insight and control to improve all areas of the purchase funnel as well create personalized experiences for different target personas.


Multi-Channel Ecommerce Marketing

One ad channel is no longer enough. That’s why Upgrow offers paid search, paid social, SEO, and display ad management.
Strategic Partner

Optimization Automation

We spend less time on rote tasks and more time on strategy and scaling through software automation. We’ve automated tasks like real-time reporting, broken-link checker, budget management, and poor performance pauser.
B2B Digital Marketing Specialists

Shopping Landing Pages

A great landing page turns visitors into buyers but conversion-optimization requires audience-specific messaging, A/B testing, and regular updates that most eCommerce marketing agencies ignore.

Client Result

775% Lead Growth and
91% Reduction in Cost-Per-Lead within 3 Months
300% Increase in SEO Ranking Keywords
45% Sales Growth in 3 months

What to Expect

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Power Moves

  • The Riches are in the Niches – the best way to get a great ROI is by dialing in your marketing to the audiences most likely to buy. Using Google Ads as an example, if you run a luxury Italian designer furniture store, then you might be tempted to bid on a keyword like “designer furniture”. But hold it right there, that’s a crowded, competitive and only somewhat relevant term. Instead bid on “le veve sofa” (one of your product names. It has less search volume, but it reaches the right audience with a lower cost-per-click. This approach works across social, SEM, and SEO.
  • Landing Pages Matter A Lot – if your ecommerce marketing agency isn’t advising you on landing page then they’re only getting the traffic to the 50-yard line. That’s why we incorporate landing page design, CRO, and A/B testing into our services. Think about it, going from a 2% conversion rate to 4% will double your revenue without added ad spend and it’s an improvement we see all the time for clients.
  • Sell More in the Checkout – order bumps and add-ons are fantastic strategies to boost your average order value. We’ll strategize with you on how to serve strong upsells that customers will love to add to their purchases.
  • Acquisition + Retention – don’t forget to “love the one you’re with”. Customer acquisition should only be part of the strategy, keep customers loyal with retention marketing strategies too.

    Digital marketing is the growth engine that e-commerce businesses need to thrive.

Drive e-commerce traffic, orders, and revenue with an agency partner focused on performance analytics and scaling. Upgrow is a top marketing agency that develops strategic, high-performing marketing campaigns for e-commerce clients.

We know what separates basic and standard efforts from the best marketing campaigns, and we use our experience, platforms, and tools to deliver massive results for growing online stores. Our process begins with an approach we call hyper-targeted marketing.

By focusing more of our client’s budgets on their dream customers we can achieve more sales with less wasted ad spend. So how do we do it? Well, there are different traffic-sculpting mechanisms on each ad channel so here are a few examples:

  • Google Ads – utilize a robust negative keyword list to block irrelevant traffic, layer on Audience in-market audiences, layer on demographic targeting for our customer persona. Expand your Google Search Ads program with Shopping Ads, Display Ads, and Video Ads for a complete ecommerce marketing strategy.
  • Facebook Ads – utilize conquesting ads to reach audiences of similar competitor brands, interest-based audiences, audience exclusions, pixel-based audience targeting, demographic and geographic targeting.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) – focus on the keywords that convert, not just the most searched keywords and implement conversion rate optimization so we drive more than just clicks. We have the ecommerce SEO experience to get results.
  • Website Design – no matter what ecommerce platform you’re on, we want to analyze the funnel and fix any leaky buckets. By reviewing the metrics that matter as well as the user experience, we can significantly increase ecommerce store sales.
    We offer full-service e-commerce marketing services that have helped our clients boost revenue and build new customer bases through focused, thoughtful and data-driven internet marketing strategies.

Get expert SEO, paid search and social ads, marketing strategy, content writing, conversion rate optimization, landing page design, and more! Whether you’re a fast-growing small business on Shopify or a national e-commerce brand, our marketing experts can help.

What you get with Upgrow that you don’t find at other digital marketing agencies

  • A strategic partner for growth – too many e-commerce marketing agencies want to simply work in a silo on the digital channels they operate. Upgrow offers you strategic consulting to grow your business with solutions across channels. We’re highly accessible on Slack, offer bi-weekly meetings, and quarterly business reviews to go deep into planning how best to achieve your business objectives.
  • Full service, full-funnel – we are a best-in-class digital agency in all of the e-commerce marketing channels, so you have one team for PPC, Amazon Ads, e-commerce SEO, social media advertising, ecommerce store CRO web design, and content marketing. Beyond supporting your business across channels, we also optimize for the full conversion funnel with landing page design, CRO, lead-flow planning, user experience planning, and retention/referral retargeting programs.
  • Master of tech – we like to work smarter, so we use a stack of marketing tools that give our clients and our experts a serious advantage in speed, accuracy, communications, and efficiency. We have agency plans with Ahrefs, SEMRush, Clearscope, ScreamingFrog, and SearchMetrics just to name a few. Our in-house marketing developers have also created a library of Google Ads scripts to automate common optimization tasks and we have an AI-powered search engine optimization tool to identify issues and provide solutions. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Sell More in the Checkout – order bumps and add-ons are fantastic strategies to boost your average order value. We’ll strategize with you on how to serve strong upsells that customers will love to add to their purchase.
    World-class experience – our team has worked on e-commerce marketing campaigns for brands like eBay, Fossil, Walmart, iTunes, Samsung Mobile, Tatcha, Auto Glass Now, Marpac, Shutterfly, and more. We bring a lot of ideas, lessons learned and approaches that a greener team won’t.

Our E-commerce Marketing Process

  • Brand discovery – before getting started in building a high-performance digital advertising campaign for you, we need to deeply understand your brand, industry, target audience, and business goals before marketing efforts kick-off.
  • Strategic plan – after understanding your business and growth targets we’ll recommend a program to fit your needs and budget. We start with channel selection to make sure that your online marketing is going where your customers are located, and that you’re capturing the lowest hanging opportunities first.
  • Tracking and reporting setup – we make sure you’re capturing the important e-commerce data on your site with a minimum of orders, checkout drop-offs, and revenue. Then we build an integrated, automated, real-time reporting dashboard to show you how all your marketing programs are doing with spend and sales in a single view through Google Data Studio.
  • Launch – after 1-3 weeks of planning, keyword research, competitive research, copywriting, landing page design, and building audiences we turn your campaigns live!
  • Ongoing optimization – this isn’t set-it-and-forget-it. We stay on top of things, continually enhancing and expanding your digital marketing campaigns to improve ROI and increase sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My product only has a niche audience, will digital marketing still work for me?
In some ways, have a well-defined target audience is even easier to market than a mass-appeal product. Knowing the niche audience and targeting them with laser precision limits ad spend waste and juices conversion rate since we’re only reaching interested people. Not sure we can reach your customers? Book a call and we’ll show you that we can.

Do you work with startup ecommerce websites with limited marketing budgets?

We work with pre-launch brands, crowd-funded companies, and challenger brands to get off the ground. But you do need to be at a current scale and budget level to tap into an agency like Upgrow. Our digital ads management starts at $3,000/month, see our full pricing details.

What if I don’t have any brand awareness?
Completely new brands, that no one has heard of can still have huge success with digital marketing. The secret is market your product with the keywords your dream customers are searching and in the social audiences that match. Then designing an ad and landing page that identifies their problem and positions your product as the best solution for them. We’ll use consistent branding in all ads to create the brand awareness while driving ecommerce sales at the same time.

What digital channels work best?
There is a time and place for every channel. For example, Pinterest Ads do well for weddings, furniture, and beauty products. Facebook is best for new product categories. SEO is effective for sites with a lot of content and a longer timeline for results. Paid Search Marketing works almost all the time. Our strategists work with you to build a digital marketing strategy right for your brand and product.

My last ecommerce marketing agency couldn’t get results, how will you?

Ecommerce marketing companies can be ineffective for a number of reasons. Most commonly, they don’t fully the funnel and how to build a complete digital marketing strategy. They may be skilled in Google Ads but have no experience with conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, web analytics, or sales copywriting… leaving them unable to put all the pieces together and drive business online. If your previous ecommerce marketing agency created an ad account or SEO program for you, we also offer to audit it for free to better understand the gaps.

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