Frequently Asked Questions


Who writes the content for SEO?
Our team of SEO and content writers can help you write quality content and find topics that users are searching for, then create exactly the type of content both Google and users love.
How long does it take to see results from SEO?
Our average client sees a 10% to 30% increase in organic search traffic and conversions within the first 90 days of working with us. See some of our client case study results.
Where is your SEO team based?
Upgrow is a virtual agency with our SEO team based across the US.
How does Upgrow build backlinks?
Every link-building program is customized based on your brand, industry, and available content and assets. Some of our most common link-building strategies include PR and HARO article contributions, targeted industry site guest posting, directory and local listing placements, scholarship EDU programs, partnership link exchanges, and creating link-attracting content.
How long is your SEO service agreement?
Pricing reflects a 6-month agreement. Month-to-month management is available at an increased rate.
How does your SEO process work?
We first start with an audit of your current website and build a 90-day roadmap to give you an idea of what the upcoming months will look like. Then, we optimize your existing content, create a content strategy, and we manage your on-site technical SEO on a monthly basis. We also have bi-weekly meetings of SEO Reporting with performance insights in order to keep you updated.
Do you have SEO client case studies?
Yes, you can see all of our case studies here
What type of SEO reporting is provided?
Upgrow provides bi-weekly meetings and SEO Reporting with performance insights.
What should my SEO budget be to start?
We recommend a budget not less than $6,000 monthly.
What tools do you use?
We are obsessed with efficiency. That’s why we leverage productivity-boosting SEO tools for reporting, site crawls, content writing, link-building and more. Our SEO team is made up of power users of SEMrush, Ahrefs, SurferSEO, Buzzstream, ScreamingFrog, and Google Search Console.


What should my ad budget be to start?
We recommend a budget not less than $7,000 monthly.
What type of ROI, ROAS, or CPA can I expect?
Great question, but of course it depends. If you have an existing digital marketing program running we can project the type of results you can earn with an initial audit. If you’re launching for the first time, we can use industry CPC’s and average conversion rates for your website to give you a range of what to expect.
What is Upgrow’s agency fee?
How soon will I see PPC results?
Expect the first 1-2 months to ramp up and optimize towards strong performance.  Depending on whether your account is brand new or has been running before our management, can also be a factor in the time to getting optimal results.  To get an idea of the results for some of our other clients, see some of our client case study results
What PPC channels does Upgrow manage?