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Niche Audience Targeting

Reaching your best next customers on social media with a targeted ad and offer is the key to success. That's why we've developed advantage targeting capabilities to segment and market to users highly qualified to buy from you. We do this through pixel-based (lookalike and retargeting), demographics, and custom list upload audiences.

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Social Media Marketing

Creative Services & Ad Testing

Ad creative is the hook to turn browsers into buyers. Our design team can help craft compelling ad graphics, videos, and direct response sales copy writing to gain attention, clicks, and conversions. It doesn't stop with ad creative either, we also build high-converting landing pages with robust reporting analytics.

Performance-Driven Paid Social Advertising

At Upgrow, we build LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media marketing channels to convert with a cost-per-lead or ROAS that achieves your goals. We never get comfortable either, our team is always looking for ways to increase efficiency and find new ways to scale either by expand audiences, refining creatives, or launching on new channels.

Performance Driven Paid Social Ads

Our Social Media Performance Strategy

Social media ads can be highly effective in serving highly targeted ads to your ideal audiences. We fully leverage Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and other social media advertising platforms to reach your next customer with precision, scale, and efficiency. Our targeting can be based on interests, behavior, and demographics or pixel data to retarget to server ads to look-a-like audiences.

The keys to our performance strategy include:

  • Highly targeted and segmented audiences - reaching your most niche dream customers is crucial for success with paid social ads. That's why we create detailed customer personas then segment them to serve the most appealing ad message to each unique persona.
  • Compelling ads and offers - the ad must hook the user to earn clicks and conversions. This requires identifying the user's problem and presenting your brand and product as the ideal solution.
  • Test, learn, optimize - gaining efficiency over time and scaling an ad program requires ongoing testing, trying new messages and audiences, and always improving.
  • Use deeper analytics - we setup robust tracking to understand UX as well as which leads are progressing through sales into new clients.

Social Media Marketing Services:

  • Audit and identify social media ad account opportunities for existing account
  • Review of your industry and competitor landscape for creative and ad concept ideas
  • Creation of all ad copy and audiences
  • Weekly bid optimizations to achieve a cost-per-action or ROI target
  • Manage ad and audience testing through AdEspresso
  • Weekly or monthly update and planning calls
  • Facebook pixel and conversion tracking setup
  • Dynamic reporting through RavenTools
  • Landing page Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) recommendations

Complete Social Media Ads Management:

  • End-to-end management: we go beyond basic strategy and fully manage your Social Media Marketing and Facebook Advertising programs.
  • Heavily utilize marketing and automation software: meaning you get results faster at a better value. We invest heavily in SEM technology for deeper insights and smarter execution.
  • Extensive experience: all of our account managers have over 5 years of SMM experience with brands like Fossil, Samsung, and Tatcha.
  • Powerful systems: we don't reinvent the wheel, we have a proven checklist of SMM tasks we know will get your site to the top of the rankings and for the right keywords.
  • Full service: why juggle multiple agencies? We can be your single partner not just for SMM but also for web design, SEO, SEM, web analytics, CRO and more. If it happens online, we can support you.

There are a few ways to utilize social media for your business. The first step is to assess your goals and determine which platforms will best reach your target audiences. Whether you’re  looking to increase your website traffic, or sell tickets to an event, or connect with people who have already been to your site, social media marketing can make a big impact.

Social Media Ad Platforms We Manage:

Client Quotes

"Upgrow provides us support on all sides for SEO; listing out technical changes that need to be made, helping us with content improvement suggestions and keywords, and reporting back on the impact the work has made. They are incredibly proactive!"

- Etel Sverdlov, Prisma Developer Relations
Etel - Prisma Client
"Upgrow has been an awesome partner in helping Alooma drive MQL growth through Google Ads, leading up to our acquisition by Google. It's been awesome working with the Upgrow team. They're very smart, highly responsive and deliver results!"

- Michael Price, Digital Marketing Manager Alooma
Michael Price - Alooma Client Quote
"The Upgrow team has been a valuable extension of the MemSQL marketing team. They have helped us scale our demand generation through smartly executed digital marketing campaigns, providing exactly the staffing we have needed to meet our growth goals."

- Peter Guagenti, CMO MemSQL
Peter Guagenti - MemSQL CMO
"Upgrow has been a invaluable partner to help take our SEO and Google Ads program to the next level.  Our account team is responsive, highly engaged, strategic and consistently finds new opportunities. But their strongest differentiator is their ability to communicate the "why" behind a recommended tactic or strategy."

- Jeannie Christensen - Marketing Director, Twistlock
Jeannie Christensen - Twistlock Marketing Director
"Upgrow helped us rapidly test and scale within our search program, driving us to go from almost no search to a fully functioning SEM machine."

- Katelyn Watson - VP of Marketing, Nurx
Katelyn Watson - Nurx VP of Marketing

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