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Providing high quality, thought leadership content to prospects is one of the best strategies to build trust, earn traffic from search engines, and educate users. But with over 2 million blog posts created daily it can be hard to cut through the noise.

See how our SEO copy writers can help with keyword research, technical SEO, and most importantly creating interesting, engaging content.

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Get Rank, Traffic, and Leads with an Experienced SEO Content Writing Agency

Search engines, especially Google, want to deliver searchers the best answers to their queries. By understanding the questions and interests of your prospects (keyword research) and then creating content that provides the best information or solution, we are giving the user and Google exactly what they want.

Our SEO content team writes first for the user and then for the engines, so the page not only ranks but engages and converts. We do this through understanding your brand, identifying the best keywords, writing in a clear and concise way, and building in technical SEO elements like tagging and markups.

What we don't do is keyword stuffing, black hat SEO, spammy press releases or low quality link building.

The team at Upgrow has years of experience writing across industry and topics.

See some of our case study results or contact us for writing samples.

SEO Content Stats

  • SEO content drives 300% more leads than outbound marketing and costs 62% less. (Demandtrics)
  • SEO content writing  yields 600% higher than average conversion rates. (CMI)
  • Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages. (TechClient)
  • Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth. (IMPACT)

Driving Real Results

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Why Upgrow?

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Deeply Data-Driven SEO

From setting up comprehensive tracking and reporting with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio along with SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and Supermetrics we have all the data along with the insights to make it actionable.
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Full Service SEO and Lead Generation

Why manage multiple agencies and consultants? Upgrow offers a complete performance marketing suite of services -- from strategy to launch, all digital advertising channels to conversion-focused web design, we can serve as a partner for all of your online growth needs.
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Pro-Level SEO Managers

Some ad agencies put smooth-talkers with no real technical chops on your account, not Upgrow! All of our account managers have at least 5 years of experience in planning and managing digital marketing programs, and are available to our clients by phone, email and chat.

Client Quotes

"Upgrow provides us support on all sides for SEO; listing out technical changes that need to be made, helping us with content improvement suggestions and keywords, and reporting back on the impact the work has made. They are incredibly proactive!"

- Etel Sverdlov, Prisma Developer Relations
Etel - Prisma Client
"Upgrow has been an awesome partner in helping Alooma drive MQL growth through Google Ads, leading up to our acquisition by Google. It's been awesome working with the Upgrow team. They're very smart, highly responsive and deliver results!"

- Michael Price, Digital Marketing Manager Alooma
Michael Price - Alooma Client Quote
"The Upgrow team has been a valuable extension of the MemSQL marketing team. They have helped us scale our demand generation through smartly executed digital marketing campaigns, providing exactly the staffing we have needed to meet our growth goals."

- Peter Guagenti, CMO MemSQL
Peter Guagenti - MemSQL CMO
"Upgrow has been a invaluable partner to help take our SEO and Google Ads program to the next level.  Our account team is responsive, highly engaged, strategic and consistently finds new opportunities. But their strongest differentiator is their ability to communicate the "why" behind a recommended tactic or strategy."

- Jeannie Christensen - Marketing Director, Twistlock
Jeannie Christensen - Twistlock Marketing Director
"Upgrow helped us rapidly test and scale within our search program, driving us to go from almost no search to a fully functioning SEM machine."

- Katelyn Watson - VP of Marketing, Nurx
Katelyn Watson - Nurx VP of Marketing

Our SEO Content Writing Approach

Brand Voice & Industry Review

Before we start creating content for you, we'll first need to understand your brand, industry and customers. This is an important first step and time well invested to communicate an behalf of your company. How much do we need to know? See our questionnaire to learn more.

Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords and topics to create content for will determine the SEO effectively of the effort. We want to find the right balance of: search volume, competition we can outrank, user intent that is near a conversion, and alignment of the topic to your business. We also look at what keywords you're already ranking for and start with the low hanging fruit.

Article Outline

Creating a framework for the article allows us to predetermine the different content sections of the page, set sub-titles covering secondary relevant keywords, and ensure we cover then expand on areas of the topic covered in existing content.

Content Creation

With the right keyword and article structure established we fill out the page with quality copy that speaks to the users and concisely offer the information they were seeking. If it's a service or product page we include an offer, it's a blog or article we promote email signup forms.

Technical SEO & Internal Linking

Passing back through the complete article we insert SEO-friendly graphics and media, include markup and tagging, include relevant internal links and minimize load time.

Click-Worthy Title & META Tags

An articles headline, along with it's META title and description are critical to driving click-through, so we don't just rank in search results but also get the click. A compelling title and descriptive META tags come in after we've written the article and can understand the highlights of the post.

Review & Revise

SEO takes a fair amount of guesswork despite our best efforts to do quality research and analysis. That's why monitoring the performance of the article and then revising it with content changes, new links and testing different titles is part of the content writing process we follow.
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