Juniper Square

PPC Case Study: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads


Juniper Square publicly launched the first investment management system designed specifically for real estate in January 2017. Their goal was to transform the real estate private funds industry with easy-to-use software that streamlines fundraising, investment administration, and investor reporting.

The brand’s success would rely on generating qualified online leads to enroll in product demos and email signups.  It was a new product category and targeted a very niche potential customer audience.  Being an early stage company, budget efficiency was key, each dollar in marketing had to contribute directly to a measurable impact in new leads.

Juniper Square - Digital Marketing Case Study


A strong press launch, helped the brand get off to a strong start and from there, Juniper Square tapped Upgrow to grow  traffic and leads through online acquisition channels including SEM, and Social Media Marketing.

Fortunately, Juniper Square had created a well designed, conversion-oriented landing page with a strong call to action and a testimonial video from beta customers.

Right from launch the results were significant. Capitalizing on the early press blitz, Juniper Square received over 180 leads in the first 30 days of public launch.  The acquisition strategy was working.

Targeting only qualified audiences was the key to success using a relevant message and driving a great user experience.

Control traffic quality was biggest challenge was attracting only large-scale real estate investors that would be a fit for the software, while not exhausting budget on irrelevant landlord real estate investors that didn’t need our software.  Extensive use of negative keyword matching,targeting highly relevant keywords and improving bidding strategies was a big part of our game plan.

Audience-targeting was also an effective strategy, as well as hitting less conventional keyword categories such as the platform or events the target audience might be searching for.  The CPC was a better value and a high percent of the  leads were qualified prospects.

Testing and refining was an ongoing process. We tested new channels, played to seasonality, discovered the right messaging for each customer type, optimized to lead quality scoring and continue to re-invent the program with the addition of VP of Marketing for Juniper Square, David Anderman.


In the first 18 months since public launch performance has been stellar. We've driven over 75,000 visitors though Google Ads and social media marketing, over 3,500 leads, and all at a cost-per-lead 46% below the target.

"Upgrow helped to drive us from launch to being a leader in our industry.  Our business is built on reaching a targeted prospect and the team has exceeded our growth goals whiling keeping ad spend efficient."

- Dave Anderman, Juniper Square Director of Marketing
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