Facebook Is Launching Live Audio Rooms, Soundbites and Podcasts

by | Apr 23, 2021

The two billion-user social network giant is jumping on the audio bandwagon, and plan on delivering three new products later this year.

Mark Zuckerberg announced on Monday that Facebook is currently building audio features where users can engage in real-time conversations with others. The feature competes with Clubhouse, which has 10 million users and a valuation of $4 billion, just one year after its highly confidential launch in Silicon Valley.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms will allow users to create audio conference rooms on Messenger or directly from the Facebook application. Like Clubhouse, the creator will lead the debate and give the floor to each of the speakers if necessary. If ordinary users will be able to benefit from it, they are not the only ones. Facebook will allow public figures to use the Live Audio Rooms to discuss with their community through these Social Audio Rooms.

Facebook live audio rooms audio tool

Is It Too Late for Facebook To Compete With Clubhouse?

Clubhouse was very successful at first, but the factors favorable to why it went viral were multiple at the time:

  • Brand New effect,
  • Elitist platform by invitation,
  • Pandemic context.

Moreover, Clubhouse downloads fell 72% in March, from 9.5 million to only 2.7 million, a sign that the machine can also quickly run out of steam.

Facebook has rarely succeeded in successfully adapting covers of concepts on its own platform. Unlike Instagram, whose Snapchat-inspired Stories have hit the mark and permanently changed users’ relationship with the application.

It’s hard to imagine these audio formats having such an impact on Facebook, a social network that is struggling to reinvent itself and whose audiences are perhaps less inclined to appreciate such changes.

How Marketers Can Benefit from Live Audio Rooms

It Helps Brands to Raise Awareness

Live streaming is a beneficial way to grow a brand’s audience and reputation. Live streaming can capture a significant audience when streaming meaningful content. The brand only needs to capture the audience’s attention. Then it will be the perfect opportunity for them to share their story and educate their audience on what they offer and why they should buy from them.

It Helps Brands To Connect With their Audience Directly

Live streaming also helps brands to connect directly with their consumers. Interactions between consumers and brands are more meaningful because their conversation is happening in real-time.

It Can Increase Their Social Media Followings

Live streaming is also very beneficial for the brand’s social media pages. It allows consumers to interact with them. If the audience “likes” or interacts with their social media accounts in any way, it will help the brand in growing their traffic and revenue.

It Allows Brands to Share Their Stories

Live streaming also helps in connecting on a deeper level with their audience. Consumers are overwhelmed with contents daily but a live audience allows viewers to connect on a more personal level.

It Helps Brands Advertising Their Products and Services For Free

Live streaming allows brands to advertise their products or services for free. It gives brands the ability to be seen by thousands without having to pay for anything. Brands are free to use any format and as long as they want to since they don’t have any limit on time.

Brands only need to have a reliable computer and camera to be really effective.

Marketing Strategies for Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Businesses and people can connect with people from all over the world. Viewers only need their smartphones or laptops at anytime they want. Live streaming can allow brands to connect with a larger audience. If implemented effectively, brands can benefit from this live streaming trend.

Live streaming is a good way for brands to see how consumers react about a new product, a service or an idea, allowing the public to interact. Live audio also seduces celebrities like Drake, who has signed a partnership with the live streaming platform Caffeine in February 2021.

Short-Form Audio Clips: Soundbites

In addition to Live Audio Rooms, Facebook will also develop Soundbites – a short-form, creative audio clips to capture or share anecdotes, jokes, poems, and more.

Soundbites will be available directly inside the Facebook app and will use AI to improve the audio quality. Facebook’s Sound Collection will be available to use in the background of a story. Filters, sound effects, and voice effects will also be part of Soundbites.

For now, only a few users will be affected, before the new functionality is rolled out more globally.

Content creators will also have access to monetization options, such as a call for donations or subscription models. The ability to generate income for authors or animators is one of the major challenges in this industry.

graphical user interface, application: Facebook's audio clips feature is called Soundbites


Facebook will also be offering a long-form audio. In the next few months, people will be able to listen to podcasts directly on their Facebook app. People had to exit their app to listen to their favorite podcasts in the past. With Soundbites, it will allow them to remain on the application while listening to their favorite podcasts. Soundbites will also be suggesting new podcasts according to their interests . It will also allow them to share their favorite podcasts with their family and friends.

Facebook Podcasts: Soundbites

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