Are You Ready for the Google Algorithm Updates?

Ryder Meehan
March 27, 2018
Google Algorithm Updates

As the customer experience becomes a bigger part of
marketing, Google has been changing its search algorithm. They, too, are
focusing on the customer. Their goal is to find them correct answers in
seconds, so ranking on the first page of Google is getting to be more and more
pertinent. So, are you ready for the
Google algorithm updates this year?

What You Need to Know
About the Google Algorithm Updates

Each search and social platform have algorithms that
determine what content is
displayed to you. They’re trying to weed out all the “junk” and bring
you valuable content. Each year, Google’s algorithm is updated hundreds of
times, most of which is so minor that we don’t notice.

However, that is not always the case. Some changes heavily
impact your marketing. Below are a few that have happened over the last few
years. See a complete list from

– Google increases the number of characters allowed
in your snippet from 155 to 300.

Google Ad Example
The new featured snippet length is 300 characters.

– Google awards
websites with mobile versions with higher rankings.

Once upon a time you were able to rank by having
new content stuffed with keywords to the point that it didn’t make sense.
Google is now requiring quality content and awarding brands who put the time in
to create it. So, no more keyword stuffing.

the Panda update put an end to sites that were deceptive. This included websites
that had excessive pop ups, spyware and viruses. If your site is not coming
across as trustworthy and reliable, Panda is there to protect its users.

– Like the Panda update, Penguin also hit websites for poor
SEO. Google wanted to ensure that sites earned their credibility. Buying cheap
backlinks and attaching to low-quality site networks finally caught up to some
business owners. Those who had built their site the right way, were rewarded.

you can see, these updates can drastically affect brand websites. Some sites
had to be completely re-built to have a chance at ranking. The key is to stay
ahead of it. Let’s dive in to changes that are coming this year.

Marketing Budget Calculator

Google Algorithm Updates Coming in 2018

event. Google search team member Illya Grigorik told the group how to prepare
for algorithm updates in 2018. The good news is that these updates are much
easier to prepare for than the Penguin and Panda updates.

– Since
the future of search is in the palm of our hands, the ability of your site to
adapt for mobile users is going to be huge. Google was previously awarding site
owners, who had a mobile-friendly
version. Now, they will
look at
your mobile version. Make sure it’s just as good, if not better than the
desktop version. 

Websites that contain structured data have the opportunity to be seen by users
in new ways. Rich cards will be added to showcase special types of content,
such as recipes. Add structured data to your site to help improve your rankings.

Before After Mobile SEO Results View
Rich cards will have a new look.

– Google is aiming to get results
for users faster than ever. This includes making sure your site load
time is under 5 seconds. Additionally, they want the user to be able to find
the answers they seek almost immediately after the page loads.
to ensure you don’t get pushed down the ranks. One of the biggest contributors to slow-loading pages is
having images that are large in file size. Don’t make that mistake. 

– Last year, Google Chrome started
giving warnings for sites that were not protected by a security certificate.  This year, the warnings will change and stand
out more. It also affects your ranking. If you have not made this change, now
is the time to do so. Security certificates can easily be added to your site right
through your hosting account. If you’re worried about broken links, don’t be.
See how to

Browser URL
Google shows a site's security status in the address bar.

In conclusion, always have the user in
mind when creating content as Google does. Make answers easy to find, have your
site load faster and make sure it shines on mobile devices. The mobile first changes have already begun and site speed will be a factor in July 2018. We'll keep you posted on the remaining dates as we know about them.

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